How To Choose Your Pot Filler Faucet

How To Choose Your Pot Filler Faucet

Whether you are cooking pasta for 10 and lobster for 2, then you need to move your big old pot from sink to stove. Sometimes it becomes an annoying or boring task. To overcome this problem there are some great kinds of pot filler faucets accessible in the market. Pot filler faucets have been available for only a few decades now, but they are quickly becoming more popular due to their functionality and superior style.

It is actually a great addition to your kitchen when it comes to adding a pot filler faucet to your kitchen room. Definitely, it saves your time and works easily while you need to move more heavy water pots between the sink and the stove.

There are a wide variety of pot filler faucets with the styles and finishes in the market. So it becomes confusing and a bit hard to choose the best one. Let’s read our guide that will help you to get some important factors you should consider while buying a new pot filler faucet for your home.

Here’s What You Need to Think About:

1. Style

At the point when pot filler faucets initially started appearing in homes, makers appeared to accept that most clients would lean toward a contemporary look. Presently there are numerous delightful traditional and vintage styles too.

How To Choose Your Pot Filler Faucet

2. Reach

You can pick a solitary joint or double-joint model. Actually, look at the scope in the faucet specs to ensure the model you are thinking about can get to each burner. Double-jointed pot fillers have a more extended reach at least 20″ to a common 15″ go after the single jointed models, so they turn out better for enormous cooktops.

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3. Handles

Most of the pot fillers have double handles so you can turn the water on and off either toward the finish of the spout or at the wall. Some faucets have single handles, however, particularly in traditional styles.

How To Choose Your Pot Filler Faucet

4. Water supply:

For a wall mount model, you will require a plumber or contractor for hire to introduce a half-inch cold water pipe in the wall over your stove. For a deck-mounted pot filler faucet, you’ll have to bring the cold water line under the counter close to the stove, and you will likewise have to think about whether you can cut through the countertop, as you would with any faucet.

5. Height:

Consider the height of your establishment before you plumb. Ensure your pot filler will work for both your tallest pots and your smallest client.

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