Single-Handle vs. Double-Handle Faucets Benefits & Drawback

Single-Handle vs. Double-Handle Faucets: Benefits & Drawbacks

When it comes to buying faucets for the kitchen or bathroom, there are two choices: single-handle faucet and double-handle faucet. Both are designed to do the same work – they control the water stream. So it is difficult to choose one from them. However, each design has some upsides and downsides that homeowners should be considered if they intend to do some redesigning around the home.

Single-Handle vs. Double-Handle Faucets

Single-handle Faucets Benefits

Single-handle faucets are substantially more convenient to use than double handle taps. Installation of this faucet is easy and requires only one hole drilling. This is an ordinary option for older people as they are almost easy to turn for people with weakness or arthritis.

Moreover, the extraordinary benefit of the single-handle faucet is that it’s feasible to turn it on with wrists or elbows. This proves to be useful when the hands are filthy from cooking or cleaning.
Lastly, these taps are a perfect choice for small sinks as they do not take up much space.

Single-handle Faucets Drawbacks

The primary drawback of the single-handle faucet is that both valves must be closed when it starts to leak. This implies that there will not be water until the plumber comes and fixes the problem.

Furthermore, some homeowners experience difficulty changing the ideal water temperature. If the handle is excessively far aside, the water can immediately turn out to be excessively hot, making this faucet perilous for children.

Double-handle Faucets Benefits

Double-handle faucets give a classy look to every home. They look modish and lasting. Nowadays there are gold or bronze designs that can enhance the decoration immediately.

One more great benefit of these faucets is that they offer preferable water temperature and stream control. With two handles, it is never possible to accidentally turn on the hot water. Also, if there is a leak problem, homeowners can still have water. They have to close one valve, but the other will be completely operational. Even if one handle is broken, the faucet will not be completely useless.

Double-handle Faucets Drawbacks

Installing this faucet is not just basic. Unlike a single-handle faucet, a double-handle faucet needs two holes in the countertop, and a single-handle faucet requires one. This means extra drilling and an extra mess to clean.

In addition, it has more parts than a single-handle model. If one of the damage, it can be challenging to identify the specific issue and fix it.


As may be obvious, both kinds of faucets have their own special features. While single-handle taps are more right for people with weakness and arthritis, it is practically impossible to accidentally turn on very hot water with a double-tap. Ultimately, this is a matter of priority. While functional, the faucet should suit the style of the room. So, check all choices and get the one that will look stunning in your kitchen or bathroom.

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